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Written on a cellar wall in Germany during the Holocaust... If they believed it then, there is nothing that should make you not believe.


If it's written in the sand of times. Two lost soul buried within the chaos of the mind. Polar opposite sides of this earth. With one purpose she said, "let's try and make this work" he didn't have to say a word. For it was written all over the gaze she gave him. The dreams are getting more and more like reality. I'm high on the scent of her skin. I know we're riding endlessly into the sun, I feel her life deep within........ sacred space, space wolf, endless love, namaste, light body…


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Ethical considerations concerning laser medicine. Although written more than 10 years ago, what is said is more true today than when it was written in 1996. "Well-founded scientific studies are no longer the basis for the wide-spread use of lasers. Careful clinical assessment cannot occur under such conditions, and the absolute opposite of the Hippocratic Oath to do no damage can easily be achieved."