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The IT Crowd - Series 2 - Episode 1: After show party - YouTube

Gorgeous Gangsta Record Label - Snoop Snoop's Gorgeous Gangsta record label is receiving major publicity on season 7 of Love and Hip Hop. In episode 9 "Coo Coo for Koko" we see Snoop's artist Sofi Green in the studio working on her song "That's Why You Hate." Sofi also delivers her new track "98 Mase." We're glad J. Adrienne put her emotions aside so Snoop was able to sign Sofi. Snoop is enjoying Sofi's song with rapper Vado at Premier Studios. Snoop explains that Vado is one of the artist…

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Today over on The Strategy Hour Podcast you get to hear from @emyleesays. Were sitting down interview style and going over the ways in which Emylee was able to carve her own creative path in a recession world. Did you know she never got a Real job after college? So since graduation shes been her own boss (sometimes as a cupcake baker and sometimes as a photographer). In this episode she goes over the lessons she quickly learned while working for free as a photographer and how she was able to…

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The SpongeBob Movie properly begins with an emergency at the Krusty Krab, complete with police helicopters, large crowds, and news reporters. Suddenly, SpongeBob SquarePants, "the manager," arrives in a sleek, awesome sports car. Mr. Krabs says that it started with a simple order, a Krabby Patty with cheese. "When the customer took a bite, no cheese!" Mr. Krabs starts crying, leading SpongeBob to slap him. He enters the Krusty Krab and meets a fish named Phil. SpongeBob then opens his…

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This, jen. Is internet (My fav The IT Crowd episode :D  )
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omg this episode completely threw me especially when he banged the Asian chick from The Blind Banker (Sherlock)

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"I'm disabled."- The IT Crowd. Funniest episode of all time for any TV show. Hands down.

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'Fire. Exclamation mark. Fire'. I laughed so hard during this episode. Actually I think I laughed like a crazy during all of The IT Crowd.

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