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Top 6 Foodie Experiences in Istria, Croatia (The Blonde Abroad)

Known for its gastronomy tourism, Istria offers fresh seafood and vegetables, hallmark Istrian olive oils, signature Malvazija wines, and a myriad of delicious and beautiful culinary works of art. Eve


My 11 favorite places in Istria

Here are the top places and sites, including the best food experiences and beaches that Istria, Croatia has to offer.


The Ultimate Travel Guide to Istria, Croatia #shareistria @shareistria

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Istria, Croatia Istria Croatia, the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea, is a utopia of nature, food, history and culture. The seemingly endless rugged coastline and sandy beaches with crystal-clear blue waters lapping at their shores offer the best beach holidays in Croatia, while the inland regions of Central Istria provide a cooler, more tranquil retreat into green, rolling hills, vineyards, castles, and truffles to rival the country’s neighbour, Italy.


6 insanely cute towns in Istria that I love

One of the things I love most about Istria (aside from the gorgeous food of course) is the cute, small towns. Some of them are fortified and have a well-preserved medieval style. Others are colorful or just plain charming and cute. Here's a list of the most adorable towns in Istria, Croatia.


Exploring the Villages of Istria, Croatia


Top 10 Experiences in Istria, Croatia

Istria, Croatia: The Istrian Peninsula is home to diverse topography, rich culture, and an ever-expanding tourism industry that aims to set this still relatively unknown region of Croatia on the map.