Chaos Sketch by Miquel Tura Rigamonti, via Behance

Great example of isometric drawings of vehicles. These thumbnails help to get an idea of how to plan and sketch isometric drawings also good inspiration.

how to draw almost anything in isometric projection - Miquel Tura Rigamonti from Barcelona via Béhance

Sketches on a isometric reticle paper! Dont like the lines when im drawin, but in this case the paper helped too much, without the lines would be impossible. I was 2 months just thinking about things you can find in a city, and trying to draw them.

Exploded isometric sketch - National Assembly for Wales - Richard Rogers

10 Architectural Drawings by Famous Architects

Buildings and Projects by Richard Rogers Partnership : Sketches of the Senedd, National Assembly for Wales shows how freehand sketching can be used in an informal way to convey spatial information through an axonometric isometric manner

Simple day on Behance - created via

Simple day on Behance. - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

Gallery - Belavista House / Agustín Lozada - 26

Gallery of Belavista House / Agustín Lozada - 26

Gallery - Belavista House / Agustín Lozada - 26

Oblique and Isometric Sketches - Alexis' Portfolio

**There are three types of pictorial drawings: Isometric Oblique.