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It is time to seek the Lord, on his terms &conditions. Islam is the Final Message to man. If your life &those you love are a little dear to you, pay attention. Listen. Think. Consider. Decide. But take the right decision. An error of judgement could be fatal. Call upon His help. Ask Him &He will answer you. Oh, you don't need an internet connection. Keep The Faith.

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Narro Reading of Even Muslims say amplified prayers are 'noise pollution' A number of prominent Muslim contributors to Egyptian newspapers have been complaining lately about the noise pollution they must endure. From amplified Muslim calls to prayer. From the mosques in their own neighborhoods. One even wrote that the calls five times a day and sometimes including entire prayers are a source of noise and of []

Number of 'Muslim' children in Britain doubles in a decade

Channel 4 has defended plans to broadcast the Islamic call to prayer every morning during Ramadan by suggesting there are more Muslims in Britain than people who tuned in to watch the Queen's coronation anniversary service.

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Fajr Salah (Namaz) info in depth .

Fajr Salah (Namaz) info in depth .

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Muslim call to prayer. In week 3, day 1 in Sonlight Core C you read about the founding of Islam in A Child's History of the World and in The Usborne Book of World History. Here's an example of what is heard five times each day in Muslim communities throughout the world.

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Obama Recites The Islamic Call To Prayer in perfect Arabic.............duh his is a Muslim, so what is new.

Do you know what we are to say when you hear the adahn (call for prayer)? Here's 5 things to learn and repeat.

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