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New York City

Truth is clear, no need to try and convince anyone, they either see it or they don't, and Allah decides.

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Dhikr isn't just Subhan’Allah, Allah Akbar, Alhamdulillah & la illallah. It's any action that Allah likes.

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Islamophobe - definition: 1) One who resists sharia law and forced conversion to Islam; 2) Any non-radical-islamist with common sense.

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Funny Homer Simpson Islamic Conversion

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - The true story of Nabeel Qureshi's conversion from Islam to Christianity

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Learn about the wise man who gave us this quote. Yasir Qadhi talks about the amazing Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, his life before Islam and his conversion story in this video. Check it out here:

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Muslims in Turkey demand right to pray at Hagia Sophia Church. Yet another example (in an interminable line) of stunning Islamic supremacism. Turkey is a Muslim country with thousands of mosques. Not. good. enough. They have to take over one of the most exquisite and iconic churches in the Christian world.

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