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Is Ted Cruz Hispanic

Think about did we get to the point where Bigots have obstructed, shut down the government & continuously disrespected the office of The Presidency? Is this what America is about now? Unfortunately....Yes!


Is Ted Cruz Really Hispanic? Being "Hispanic" has nothing to do with what Mark Halprin asked.

Where's the Outcry for this Clowns Documents? This Dirty Bastard is hiding more than we think and is so arrogant, he feels RULES and REGULATIONS don't apply to him. He's Hispanic and Canadian....Where's His Birth Certificate? He hounded President Obama for his Birth Certificate...Show Us Your Documents Ted Canadian/Cuban Cruz!!!!


"Hispanic unemployment is higher than the national average and when the federal government is killing small businesses and killing jobs it is hurting the future of the Hispanic community and we need to carry that message.", Ted Cruz

"I think Hispanic community - the values that resonate in our community are fundamentally conservative. They are faith, family and patriotism. Do you know the rate of military enlistment among Hispanics is higher than any demographic in this country? And they are also hard work and responsibility.", Ted Cruz

Check out his birth certificate.