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Day 72827: Still hasn't stopped smiling. I just instantly got happier hearing them. I've been ignoring them because I knew I couldn't watch the documentary and I didn't want to make myself sadder. But now that the TATINOF movie is out, and things are calming, I came back. Just hearing their voice again made me happy. It's good that this pheeling is back.

from Self Reliant School

Pectin: What Is It, Is It Good For You, And What Are Your Choices

I discuss the function of pectin in canning, whether it's healthy, and the options on the market. #beselfreliant

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Spiced Apple Star Bread – #BreadBakers

Spiced Apple Star Bread is so good you can eat it with a meal or as a dessert. It's a sweetened buttery, bread that's tender and warm from the fall spices. This bread looks hard to make, but it's easier than you think. |


Whatever this thing is, it’s not traveling far. #stranger things #1x05 #nancy…


MUSIC: Singing - is it good for you? I place this on the data projector to accompany a discussion on the benefits of singing and vocal health. FREE DOWNLOAD


Heavy D, "Is it good to you" Rest in Peace.. A true legend of your time, and taken far too soon

from Little Trailer Studio

How to Boost Your Brand

What makes a powerful brand? Is it good visuals, is it your marketing, is it your website, is it your followers? (hint, it's all of those factors combined) In today's post I'm talking all about how you can improve your business through branding. Click through to read!

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Is Etsy too oversaturated with sellers

Is Etsy too oversaturated with sellers? Can you still make money on Etsy selling your handmade goods, or is it too oversaturated? via

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Festive Fall Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Parfait

Tastes like pumpkin pie in a glass...and it's good for you! This Greek Yogurt Pumpkin Parfait recipe is high in protein, calcium, and whole grains! A luscious (and healthy!) snack or dessert perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving.


The worst part about finishing a book is having to find another that was just as…