Is freddy krueger real

If we’re being technical here, a horror villain IS running for president this year. His name is Donald Trump, and he’s far less lovable than the likes of Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, and Michael Myers. Sure, our favorite horror icons may be evil monsters who love to kill, but there’s something about President Krueger that justRead More

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Você Sente Arrepios Só De Pensar Que Esses Dois Podem Estar Juntos Soltos Por Aí…

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I am Fearless- Because she taught me at a very young age that Freddy Krueger is not real, and that the blood in these movies is just cornstarch and red food coloring. I now laugh in the face of fear, and I laugh everytime I watch Nightmare on Elm Street...really:)

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Freddy Krueger,Jason Voorhees, Leather Face,Micheal Myers inspired knives. These are 12 inch total length and 7 inch blade. These are made on a real stainless steel knife. Creation of Zombies Plus.

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