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Marie LaveauMarie Laveau 1794?-1881 and 1827-1897. The most renowned voodoo queen in North America was actually a mother and daughter. Their appeal was their magical powers, control of one’s lovers and enemies, and sex. Marie I was a most powerful women who was told all the secrets by women and was able to use these to increase her powers. Marie II was feared more and inspired subservience

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Is Black Magic Real?

Black Magic Spells Are Evil And Of The Devil! Check This Out!

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Your Breath Is Your Conversation With The World (Sakara Life - News)

Smokers choice ~ You never know what's going to take your life so, Enjoy today don't think about tomorrow. It may never be smoking related... Hell today could be the day you get hit by a bus! RIP if you do but I never would wish it on you. Just saying!!

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13 Fascinating Facts about Ancient Egypt

“Ancient Egypt” is the land of magic and mysteries. It dates back to 3150 BC. Since the Upper and Lower Egypt were united under the ruling of King Menes who was the first pharaoh, the ancient Egyptian civilization has been a source of inspiration for historians and excavators. “Egypt is the gift of the Nile”…


" Oh that is real cute May " Dawson smiles, swallowing his fear. The black smoke swirls around him, ripping the air from his lungs. He falls to his knees, his thoughts mixed into a frenzy. what was this? When did she get this new power


We grow all new cells in our body every seven years. Our cells aren't old...ever. "Old" is a state of mind stored in our subconscious negatively impacting our self projection in such a way where we appear to deteriorate. I intend to let go of this notion and remain forever young in body and heart.