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Is 4chan Down

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My New Year Resolutions as an Article Writer 2015

((Open RP. I'm yahoo. ONLY NEED A GOOGLE. This is at college age btw)) I walk down the halls to get to my class. I was the nerdiest and shyest girl in school. After about a half hour I'm in class and it starts. We have to have partners for a project, but the teacher choose the partners. "Yahoo and Google..." He said and kept listing the names. I gulp. Not only was Google the most popular and smartest guy in the class, he was my crush.


I kind of miss the old days when satire used to punch up at oppressive systems rather than punch down at those affected by them (such as trans and non-binary people). Kind of sad how the era of edgy "adult" cartoons changed that...


CloudFlare Went Down For An Hour With 785,000 Websites It Serves - Popular DNS service provider CouldFlare went down today due to an issue with Flowspec protocol rule update in their edge Juniper router. Which took their whole system down for about an hour and almost all of their 785,000 customer (Including 4chan, Wikileaks, & our TheTechJournal) went down with it. CloudFlare tried to act quick, now everything is operational. CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince explained the whole…

" 4chan is infamous for being the website where leaks and online voting polls influence happen.."To read why 4chan might close down go to:

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Watch How A 4chan Hoax Happens

UPDATE: 4chan is currently planning to DDOS BuzzFeed as a result of this article (meaning they're trying to overload the site with requests and effectively shut us down). | Watch How A 4chan Hoax Happens


4chan Anonymous working to get Julian Assange working internet Read more Technology News Here --> It's been a rough week for WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange who's cooped up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London with no internet and possibly poisonous vegan meals trying to kill him. SEE ALSO: Julian Assange's internet's down and everyone on Twitter has a theory But members of 4chan and Anonymous are rallying together to get Assange the Wi-Fi he needs so that…

'4chan is kill'. How An Internet Dinosaur Was Brought Down