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The most upset and broken Tony has ever looked. <-- Aside from when Pepper fell, yeah. <<<MAKE IT STOP

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Peter Parker, Spiderman Spider man, texts, Tony Stark, Iron Man, where are you my room ceiling

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Character Casting: J.A.R.V.I.S. - Tony's right hand man or computer you might say, Claire and Jarvis take a liking to each other.

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Cacw captain America civil war Sam Wilson the falcon James Rhodes rhodey war machine iron patriot marvel mcu avengers vision

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CEO of Stark Industries Pepper Potts, appointed by Stark after he grows despondent and reckless due to his impending death from palladium poisoning. This story line is taken from The Invincible Iron Man comic, though in different circumstances.

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I feel awful for not remembering this man's name. Truly the unsung hero of Iron Man// Yinsen. It was Yinsen.

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"This is the Mandarin?!" Haha this was so funny to me maybe bc "tony" is so chill about it and just walking around in his iron man suit... Maybe it's just me.

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It must be so heartbreaking for the Stony shippers to know that there's coming a Iron Man vs. Captain America Civil war film soon :/

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