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I like this idea! Imagine you can do one of your family (take a pic of everyone's eyes)..kind of creepy..but nice :)

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Iris Linocut

Illusion: I have very little information about the artist. What I know is Orr Gidon made this detailed lino print titled, “Telepath.”

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Eye close up photograph, microscopic view, showing intricate nerves. Do you notice how the design reflects a photograph of the universe? - DdO:)

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Eye | Iris | Pupil | 目 | œil | глаз | Occhio | Ojo | Color | Texture | Pattern | Macro |

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“Eyescapes” is a series of photographs irises. It’s a project by Rankin, London-based photographer and co-founder of the magazine Dazed & Confused.

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