Baquba, Iraq. 11/9/03 - This image that could have been taken on any day since U.S. troops & their allies invaded the country. Contrary to this man who was detained and later brought to the base – what happened to him after I don't know – for us it was just another ugly day that it could have turned even more uglier if something went wrong. (Image by Damir Sagolj, Reuters)

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Country Music Lyrics - Quotes for Veterans - Watch Iraq War Veteran Stun on Dancing With The Stars with Toby Keiths American Soldier

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MUST WATCH - Iraq War Christian Baptism in the Euphrates River - These soldiers are being baptized in 2006 in the area where in 2014 ISIL is controlling (Turn up your volume, awesome song)

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Stephen Colbert makes Donald Rumsfeld squirm until he nearly admits that the there was a lack of hard, factual evidence (what is never certain, Rumsfeld calls "intelligence") that was presented to the American people as hard and factual proof and a basis for war. In other words, "intelligence" presented as evidence by the President and government officials like Rumsfeld has undermined the public trust in government.

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Baghdad Museum Reopens 12 Years After Iraq War Looting - Bloging for business ===>>>

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