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Iraq War Veteran Stuns on 'Dancing With The Stars' with Toby Keith's 'American Soldier'

Toby Keith

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35 Remarkable Photos From The Iraq War — And The Stories Behind Them

Baquba, Iraq. 11/9/03 - This image that could have been taken on any day since U.S. troops & their allies invaded the country. Contrary to this man who was detained and later brought to the base – what happened to him after I don't know – for us it was just another ugly day that it could have turned even more uglier if something went wrong. (Image by Damir Sagolj, Reuters)

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Krauthammer: Obama ‘tossed away’ George W. Bush’s Iraq War victory [VIDEO]

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Americans Killed by Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed in Iraq War

photojournalist in iraq | US soldier receiving treatment in Iraq

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Donald Rumsfeld admits to Stephen Colbert that the American people were not told the truth leading up to the Iraq War.

The privileged idiocy of 'Just let the Republicans win', just because they don't like HRC

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Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney - the Iraq war had zero justification

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MUST WATCH - Iraq War Christian Baptism in the Euphrates River - These soldiers are being baptized in 2006 in the area where in 2014 ISIL is controlling (Turn up your volume, awesome song)

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Stephen Colbert makes Donald Rumsfeld squirm until he nearly admits that the there was a lack of hard, factual evidence (what is never certain, Rumsfeld calls "intelligence") that was presented to the American people as hard and factual proof and a basis for war. In other words, "intelligence" presented as evidence by the President and government officials like Rumsfeld has undermined the public trust in government.

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