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The Devil's Cigarette Lighter was a natural gas well fire at Gassi Touil in the Sahara Desert of Algeria. Ignited when a pipe ruptured on November 6, 1961, the Phillips Petroleum Company-owned well produced more than 6,000 cubic feet of natural gas per second, whose flame rose between 450 feet and 800 feet. The flame was seen from orbit by John Glenn. The blowout and fire were estimated to have consumed enough gas to supply Paris for three months, burning 550,000,000 cubic feet per day.


nativenews: [TWEET: @ryan_marsh: Can confirm. As a combat vet this is maddening. #BlackLivesMatter] appetitusinvictus: I was in Iraq and even in an actual theater of war unless you were immediately fired on we had several steps to go through before kill shots. We had rules of engagement and escalation of force cards my command made us carry on us at all times with those regulations. Even when a car possibly carrying explosives was barreling down on us we were taught to exhaust several…


War is a racket & the only ones who win are the profiteers. #CheneyTreason


China Reaps Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom

China Is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom -

American Power at the Crossroads, a Snapshot of a Multipolar World in Action............ In the strangest election year in recent American history - one in which the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson couldn't even conjure up the name of a foreign leader he 'admired' while Donald Trump remained intent on building his 'fat, beautiful wall' and 'taking' Iraq oil - the world may be out of focus for many Americans right now. So a little introduction to the planet we actually inhabit is in order.


AP Exclusive: Iraq oil fires could jeopardize Mosul mission

WASHINGTON (AP) — A fire at one of Iraq's oil fields could hinder military and humanitarian efforts as operations to recapture the Islamic State stronghold of Mosul get underway.

Trump's plan to seize Iraq's oil: 'It's not stealing, we're reimbursing ourselves'

Evidence That Trump Did Not Oppose the Iraq War Before It Beganz-In 2011, he said he had thought it was "smart" to go grab Iraq's oil.