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Iraq News Today


Militants kill 21 people in two Iraq towns: officials

#Iraq #News - #war in #iraq - Militants killed 21 leaders in the western Iraq towns of Rawa and Ana on Sunday 22-June-14. #latest #Local #iraqi #news

#SYRIA and IRAQ NEWS: 24.09.14 New US Coalition strikes against the Islamic State in Syria today hit their main crossing from one country to another. In #Iraq the strikes were near Erbil and Baghdad. In Iraq the Government has failed to aid soldiers trapped by IS near Fallujah. Hundreds missing, feared dead. For More News on Iraq and Syria ... Video: Collated Strike Cam Video in Syria

SYRIA and IRAQ NEWS: Opposition Forces Retook Morek in Hama Province - Assad Regime Flee. Rojava Update 155 - New Syrian Democratic Force Makes gains Around Al-Hawl, While Both Russians and Coalition Bomb Raqqah. *For More #Iraq and #Syria News ...* PIC: Bored Assad Troops Devise Cartoon After Failing to Take Damascus Suburb in 12 months - Soldier Pinky: "What do we do today?" Officer Brain: "What we always do, try to take over Darraya".

Christians Shed Tears of Joy as Cross, Symbol of Christ's Victory Over Evil, Is Back in Iraq | Christian News on Christian Today

Residents of Largest Christian Town in Iraq Pick Up Pieces after Being Freed from ISIS | Christian News on Christian Today

SYRIA and IRAQ NEWS: #Kobane #Cizire Update 110 - Joint YPG/FSA Force Advancing at Sarrin, Surrounding Town from 4 Directions. Opposition launch massive attack on Assad-held areas of Aleppo, heavy weapons used on both sides. *For More #Iraq and #Syria News ...* PIC: Man with Crutch Walks Past Damaged Building in Aleppo:


VA to Iraq war vet: 'We're not accepting any new patients'

Is this really the best good we can do for our veterans? | "VA to Iraq War Vet: 'We're not accepting any new patients'" - USA Today

Iraq 15 killed at wedding party - police At least 15 people were killed at a wedding party near Iraq's southern Shi'ite city of Kerbala late on Sunday police said on Monday. A police statement said five assailants including a suicide bomber attacked the celebration in Ain al-Tamr west of Kerbala. The group opened fire with machine guns and threw hand grenades at the party the statement said and security forces killed all the attackers. Initial reports in local media late on Sunday…

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