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Ira Hayes - A Marine and one of three survivors of the men who raised the American Flag over Mt. Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in WWII

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Ira Hayes, USMC. When young Ira Hayes left the Arizona Gila Indian reservation to go war as a US marine, the chief of the Pima Indian tribe told Ira to make his people proud and bring back Honor.

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Survivors Of Iwo Jima Flag Raising Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Everett

Survivors of Iwo Jima flag raising at unveiling of statue in New York, May 11, 1945. Joe Rosenthal's iconic photograph made them celebrities at the War Bond rallies. L-R Rene Gagnon, John H. Bradley, and Ira H. Hayes.

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Iwo Jima flag-raisers: Ira Hayes, Franklin Sousley, Michael Strank, John Bradley, Rene Gagnon & Harlon Block.

There are six Flag Raisers on the famous Iwo Jima photo. Four in the front line and two in back. The front four are (left to right) Ira Hayes, Franklin Sousley, John Bradley and Harlon Block. The back two are Michael Strank (behind Sousley) and Rene Gagnon (behind Bradley). Strank, Block and Sousley would die shortly afterwards. Bradley, Hayes and Gagnon became national heroes within weeks.

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Photos: Joe Rosenthal and Iwo Jima

The three surviving Marines who were in the famous photograph of the flag raising on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima, are reunited in Los Angeles for the first time since the war on July 25, 1949. They are en route to Camp Pendleton to reenact their heroic roles in a movie, "The Sands of Iwo Jima." Keft to right are: Rene Gagnon, Ira Hayes and John Bradley. (AP Photo/Ira W. Guldner) #

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Ira "Chief Falling Cloud" Hayes - was a Pima Native American and an American Marine who was one of the six men immortalized in the iconic photograph of the flag raising on Iwo Jima during World War II.

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Photos: Joe Rosenthal and Iwo Jima

Ira Hayes, one of the six Marines who raised the flag in Iwo Jima, as depicted in Joe Rosenthal's famous photograph, is seen Feb. 21, 1947. (AP Photo) #

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