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iOS 10 has revealed a TON of changes for your iPhone. They’ve basically overhauled the entire iPhone operating system, including some amazing upgrades to your messages. Check out these iOS 10 tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPhone update!

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Apple will fight iOS bugs with first-ever iOS Public Betas: 8.3 in March, 9 in summer Apple plans to launch the first-ever public beta program for the iOS operating system, according to multiple people briefed on the plans.

Facebook Ports Pages Manager App to Android - Facebook has ported its Pages Manager app to the Android operating system. Facebook's Pages Manager app had been available on Apple's iOS for some time, allowing Page administrators to edit their pages. Now the firm has ported the software to the Android operating system, however the app is only available in selected markets.

Got a new iPhone 5, or maybe you've upgraded your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to iOS 6, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system? We've compiled a list of dozens of tips for you to get the most out of the new features Apple has added to iOS 6. Some are new, some you might know already, but we can promise this: all will help you get more out of your phone.

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Apple's new iPhone operating system comes out soon. I have some iOS8 Tips and Tricks for you! #iOS8 #iPhone #Apple

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Apple has been facing many new challenges, as they alter the specs of the MacBook Pro and put up with rumors of new iPhones, which have yet to be proven. On the heels of the IOS operating system that allowed for a very famous jail breaking, the Apple company has discovered a security flaw in... ...

Apple to Introduce Theater Mode in Latest iPhone Update? -- The latest version of the Apple iOS operating system will reportedly include a function that automatically dims the phone screen in a movie theater. --