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Another Pinner writes: "A simple diatom, yet more complex than the most advanced computer and possessing an architecture more elegant than our most beautifuly made structures. Self feeding, healing, and reproducing designs show a mind greater than any behind our best inventions." ~K~ I absolutely agree ! This is the most beautiful diatom pattern I've seen yet !!


Simple wood. Good for houses, fuel, making shade and keeping fruit off the ground. Great invention made from water and CO2 by sunlight for a very long time. Intelligent man still can't make it.


Gorgeous Macro Photographs of Butterfly and Moth Wings by Linden Gledhill

The beauty of butterflies, the loveliest of all insects, has hardly gone unheralded -- but this series of photos by Linden Gledhill is sure to make you even more appreciative of their aesthetic qualities.


Tiny Beauties: Visions From Under the Microscope

The bristle-like appendage of an amphipod—or type of marine crustacean. The bristles serve as a sort of fishing net for plankton.