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"Dreams of a better world" is a watercolor painting that expresses the lack of controll over their own life felt by someone adicted to self harm. The sea turtles are traditional symbols of adapting to a new environment, yet in the context of this painting they have the inverted meaning of not being able to fit in, which causes great misery in the protagonist. The painting captures a moment in which she is reflecting on her decision of harming herself in order to cope with her life, and…

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The Empress – Inverted Meaning


Tarot - Major Arcana - The Magician – Inverted Meaning


to me the inverted ankh means eternal death. it is a symbol for my atheism.

Entropion is a condition in which a portion of a dog's or cat's eyelid is inverted, meaning it's folded or rolled inward, causing irritation and pain.


In the tarot meditation for the Fool in reversed position, you will see the warning against not heeding life's lessons.

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Stunning Liz Claiborne " I mean Business Dress"

Stunning Liz Claiborne " I mean Business Dress" Excellent condition. This classic, iconic sillouhette will surely deliver compliments your way. Crepe material provides the perfect drape. Goldtone swirl buttons makes this cute pop. Lightly padded shoulder pads creat structure. Fully lined, inverted pleated pleat(very chic touch) Please note: 21 inches pit to pit, 18.25 waist, 22.5 hip, 41.5 length, sleeve 24 inches, 17.5 all measurements were taken laying flat. Liz Claiborne Dresses

A double rainbow. While a primary rainbow is visible when light is reflected once off the back of a raindrop, a secondary and usually dimmer rainbow is spotted when light is reflected twice in a more complicated pattern. The colors of the second rainbow are inverted, meaning blue on the outside and red inside.


Legs Up the Wall Pose - Do You make These Mistakes in fitness? To do less Relax Plus: Attitude upside down-the-WallOviparity Karan is my favorite pose. I know I know; There is something wonderful to discover in each pose. But honestly sometimes I do not feel like bending forward or backward or I'm too tired to balance on one leg even for a moment. But I have never refused the opportunity to practice Oviparity Karan? Never! I did this pose in hotel beds in the…