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Properties of operations, associative property, inverse property, commutative property, addition, multiplication, 6th grade math anchor charts, anchor charts, anchor charts middle school

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Illuminations: All About Multiplication-In this unit, students explore several meanings and representations of multiplication (number line, equal sets, arrays, and balanced equations). They also learn about the order (commutative) property of multiplication, the results of multiplying by 1 and by 0, and the inverse property of multiplication. In addition, students write story problems in which the operation of multiplication is required.

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6th Grade Math SOL Review Game- Part 2

This is an interactive game that the whole class will enjoy as they review for the SOL test. The game includes 20 questions that cover half of the SOLs. The topics are: Points on the coordinate plane 6.11Congruent figures 6.12Quadrilaterals 6.13Circle Graphs 6.14Balance Point 6.15Best Measure 6.15Identifying independent and dependent events 6.16aCompound probability 6.16bSequence 6.11One-step equations- solving and models 6.18Properties- Inverse Property of multiplication and…

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read the article (online is best as the print version is REALLY small) then discuss the strategies used here. brainstorm other strategies they might use to develop these properties well as well as other properties (6th grade TEKS - inverse, identity, commutative, associative, and distributive properties ). used to introduce teachers to the use of the Number routines

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