Invader Zim - From the twisted mind of Jhonen Vasquez (of "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" fame) came this crazy show about an incompetent alien invader and his sidekick robot.  Flying pig spaceships, squeaky moose, sentient houses craving tacos, this show had it all! Click to watch the pilot :)

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Zim doodles by on @DeviantArt

Zim poses and outfits I felt like drawing him in. Enjoy the Invasion of the ZIM! the first batch Zim doodles

mylafox tumblr Why was there bacon in the soap?!

‘Invader Zim Fan Art - Dib "The Nightmare Begins"’ Tote Bag by MylaFox

Invader Zim - Teaching children the truth about life since 2001.

Some times..

"It's called life, Dib." One of the best underrated quotes from this show

Yay my two favorite characters trying to kill eachother                                         Invader Zim, Zim, Dib, Rivals, Frenemies, ZaDr

Yay my two favorite characters trying to kill eachother…

Twisted Grin by on @DeviantArt

Jhonen Vasquez creation Invader Zim which was my childhood favourite show. the art style for the show is very unique, it combines Japanese Chibi style with a western gothic style of cartoon.