The cognitive functions in order as shown: Extroverted intuition introverted intuition. Extroverted sensing introverted sensing. Extroverted thinking introverted thinking. Extroverted feeling introverted feeling.

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Introverted thinking #INTP - This is me (INTP) and my dad (ISTP) -- explains both perfectly.

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When she is quiet, there is a reason. She is sorting through all the chaos in her head and all the madness in her heart.

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INTP - failure, and confidence. I've always said that no one else could be as hard on an INTP than they are on themselves...

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One might say this is the advantage of INTPs. They understand the genius of simplification, whereas INTJs complicate everything and confuse everyone. (Einstein reference...)

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Introverted Thinking (Ti) Problems: 17 Problems People With Introverted Thinking (Ti) Face

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