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Cushing's Triad vs Shock - Nursing Guide

Cushing’s triad (Hypertension, bradycardia and irregular respirations) is one of the classic sign for elevated intracranial pressure. Hypertension is due to maintain cerebral perfusion pressure (Cerebral perfusion pressure = Mean arterial pressure – Intracranial pressure), when ICP increases cerebral perfusion must somehow maintained above 50 mm Hg). Bradycardia is a reflex response to hypertension and …

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Another great way to remember Decorticate Posturing is that you turn inwards toward your CORE. Also, abnormal posturing occurs with increased intracranial pressure. It’s a great way to observe for changes in LOC.

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Brain Surgery - Ventriculostomy and Placement of Intracranial ... Intra-cranial pressure monitoring (ICP)

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Wk 7 Study Guide: Neurological Assessment, Disorders of Consciousness, Increased Intracranial Pressure, TraumaticBrain Injury, Craniotomy - Medical Surgical Nursing 211sp09

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