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> Epidural (above dura, under skull) - arterial (middle meningeal artery), high trauma/acute pres, lens-shape on CT > Subdural (below dura, above arachnoid) - venous (venous plexus), low-force trauma/insidious (ex. worsening ha over days), crescent shape on CT > Subarachnoid (below arachnoid, above brain) - arterial (Circle of Willis), acute pres w thunderclap ha, goes into fissures & succi & sella on CT > Intraventricular (in the ventricles) > Intraparenchymal (in the meat of the brain)

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Intracranial hemorrhage bleed blood imaging findings characteristics sequences T1 T2 GRE chart table

Signs of Increased Intracranial Pressure are opposite those of Shock [hemorrhage]. That’s a pretty easy way to remember it.

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Intracranial Hemorrhage - Epidural Hematoma | USMLE, First Aid ...