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Aw. Thomas, Phil and Dan. This is a photo of the nicest guys on the Internet. <3

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I found this on the internet! If this is true and no fake I would be so fucking happy!

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Como é bom ter acesso a internet pra poder ver essa beleza #Namjoon #RapMonster

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He's waiting for his bae to meet him to give them their flower.

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they donated all the proceeds from The Internet Is Here to charity, I think that's all we need to say here

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OMG! Jellybeans !!

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He probably fell out of that tree and that's where it all started

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philllllllllllllll you are too precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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He also had to stand up to let Phil out of his seat but let's go with the other explanation because he did stay standing for a bit

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