How to Use Your Cell Phone Internationally | Activating an international phone plan isn't your only option. Learn how to use your own cell phone while traveling abroad, for little to no cost.

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Stretch your travel budget with some cost-saving tips! Use an international phone plan to save from exorbitant roaming fees or the need to purchase multiple SIM cards. Instead of paying ATM withdrawal fees, consider a Charles Schwab online debit/checking account that doesn’t charge those annoying fees. If you are a frequent traveler, you might want to sign up for a travel-focused credit card; you’ll earn free miles and other travel perks. Visit eBay’s guide to 6 money smart travel tips.

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Helpful tips for using a cell phone overseas and what type of phone plan to get while traveling.

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From taking full advantage of Wi-Fi functions to unlocking and using an international SIM card to adding international service to your already existing plan, this post is the ultimate guide to using your iPhone abroad.

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12 Essential Things to do Before Traveling Abroad - Ryan Ellis International Travel, Overseas Travel, Traveling Abroad, European Travel More

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How to use an iphone/smartphone/dumbphone abroad without going broke. #travel #phone

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Free Calling and Free Texting App, Cheap International Phone Calls and Messenger for iPhone, iPod and iPad by Voxofon by Voxofon LLC

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gets are pretty inexpensive. Depending on the country you are visiting, you may need both a plug adapter and voltage converter. It is best to be prepared before landing in a foreign county with a dead phone and laptop.

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How to make an international call (without racking up hundreds of dollars in charges): If you need to make a cheap international phone call, this guide will show you how.

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