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Stefan Sagmeister The Happy Show. Probably one of my absolute favorite art shows to have ever happened. Best use of space and typography.


Dynamic and interactive exhibition for NTV Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori InnoTrans, Messe Berlin, September 2012 ArteFiera, Bologna, January 2013   NTV Interactive Wall is a project in collaboration with architecture studio DONTSTOP. The idea is that to convey to […]


NOTA BENE Visual In Order to Control “A text discussing about the threshold on ethics and morality was looping on the floor, people who step on the typographic area to read it, realize them selves on the wall and the interaction process starts. Everything that’s legal is not always fair. Everything that’s fair is not always legal.”


The world in one day_November, 2011 Interactive installations for the traveling exhibition HOMO SAPIENS-The great story of human diversity


34 touch sensitive salt crystals spread over a world map highlighting the biggest salt mines. According to the amount of salt mined in these regions, millions of salt particles are emitted over the world map, slide down the mountain ridges, then diffuse and flow with the main sea currents. When a crystal is touched, it starts to glow. Grains of salt pour over the table and merge into an information window