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Alarm System For The Deaf. Alert Master AM-6000. This product was recommended to me in a deaf group. It uses both vibration and lights to signal the user to a variety of sounds in the house. An intelligent idea! | INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS NASA | 21AUG13 130PM Subvocal Speech Patent and NEUROEngineering Lab Publications Intelligent Systems Division researcher Chuck Jorgensen was recently granted US patent number 7574357 for Subvocal speech technology on 08/11/09. The patent, “Applications of sub-audible speech recognition based upon electromyographic signals,” is very broad and includes applications such as a silent cell phone... see:…


Data and Goliath: The Hidden Battles to Collect Your Data and Control Your World (Hardcover)

Electrical Engineering and Intelligent Systems (Hardcover)

How Twitter bots affected the US presidential campaign: "About one in every five election-related tweets from Sept. 16 to Oct. 21 was generated by computer software programs called social bots. These artificial intelligence systems can be rather simple or very sophisticated."

from MIT News

Artificial-intelligence system surfs web to improve its performance

Artificial-intelligence system surfs web to improve its performance - “Information extraction” system helps turn plain text into data for statistical analysis.


Urwerk UR-105 HIS ‘Horological Intelligence System’ Will Smartly Watch Over You - by Ariel Adams - see & read more today on "Imagine a watch that knows time and knows you. Imagine a luxury watch that understands your needs and whose designated purpose is to help you. Imagine the Horological Intelligence System by Urwerk, the first luxury smartwatch that uses time for your advantage and lives with you as a true intelligent companion and servant..."


Last week an AI predicted that Donald Trump would win the election. The AI has correctly predicted every presidential election since 2004.

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Microsoft co-founder's academic search engine adds neuroscience

Researchers, scientists and academics around the world publish roughly million scientific papers each year, on top of a backlog of more than 50 million pape...