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from Gemma Sands | Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Essential Oils

The best hashtags for bloggers + business owners

Hashtags are now an integral part of social media - there are 1000's of different ones in use across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Google and Pinterest. They have become a key part of how we use and engage with social media so if you are looking to promote your blog, brand or business, it's important to understand how to utilise them. Why you should use hashtags In their basic form hashtags are simply keywords denoted by the use of the # symbol.

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Bilateral Integration

Bilateral integration is the ability to use both sides of your body together in a coordinated way.  You need to have bilateral coordination in all parts of your body, such as your legs for walking, and your eyes for seeing, but when talking about fine motor skills, we focus more on the bilateral upper extremity, or both arms, hands and trunk working together in a coordinated way. Hand dominance usually begins to show itself early on by a child tending {Read More}

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Random Inspiration 116

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Modern glass pivot door, custom-made by Anyway Doors. This unique "steel look" pivoting door with offset axis pivot hinges doesn't require any parts to be built-in to the floor. #pivotdoor #anywaydoors


Today's freebie is a Quadratics Word Problem poster! This poster highlights the words and phrases that students will see when solving quadratic word problems and connects these with the parts of the parabola they need to find. You can download it free by clicking the "Freebies!" tab on my page!