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How To Take Better Instagram Photos

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How to Instagram Like a Fashion Blogger, Without Leaving Your Bed

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wannaliveinsummer: Aloha~ (AnaRosa)

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Most popular type of photos on facebook, instagram, twitter and whatsapp are selfies. Before it was known as self portrait. Because it's really fun to show the world what you're doing. Most selfies are taken with a camera held at arm's length or pointed at a mirror, rather than by using a self-timer. Lastest way of taking good wide selfies is using a selfie stick. Which can easily be used to position the camera farther away from the subject, allowing the camera to see more around them…

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@debthompson shares her tried and true tips for growing your Instagram account. Learn How To Grow Instagram followers in 4 months with these 7 easy tips!

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l i l l a b e a✯✯✯ on Instagram: “friends that drive you around and buy you pints of icecream and eat them in south middle's parking lot to watch the sky because the sky has been so beautiful lately are friends worth keeping forever (and ever) (thank you bridget, I love you more than one million Ben and Jerry's)”

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Instagram Hashtags that Will Double your Likes

Instagram Hashtags for Bloggers that will DOUBLE likes! Here are a few Instagram Hashtags, by niche, proven to double Instagram likes via Amy Howard Social.

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