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Sometimes, when I say "I'm okay"...

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On the outside I seem like a happy go lucky person who has their shit together. On the inside I am breaking down and battling years of hidden depression and just making it all up as I go.

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I should be more kind, more compassionate but im not and thats just me

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I hear my mom's voice inside of me all the time

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If I am silent it's because there's thunder inside me. Or I'm just chillin, it depends. May the odd be ever in your favor. ~ hahaha

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I ship Phan, but even if someday they don't marry one another, and they find someone else of any gender, knowing my Smol Bean and Tol meme are happy, gives me the same fuzzy feeling that them together gives me, Dan and Phil deserve all the Happiness in the world, because of all the happiness they give to the world.❤️

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i hope...i hope he hasn't become like me...hope he laughs..dsnt touch anything bitter..hope he finds happiness..that he couldn't find with me..

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