The concept of the "Inner Child" & positive self talk - taking to yourself as you would a child, with kind gentle & supportive words.

An exercise for healing the inner child of loneliness. Inner child healing can increase your sense of well-being in the present day.

Conflict is the perfect opportunity for inner child healing. Whenever you are triggered, pay attention to what your inner child wants to share with you.

Inner child work reconnects us with a wounded element of ourselves: the child within. Almost all of us suffered from trauma as children. Learn how to heal!

Embrace your inner child and allow her or him their expression so you can experience healing on a deeper level than you knew possible xxx

Healing My inner child, an incredibly healing mediation - esp helpful for those of us who like to think our way though life (most of us due to pressures to not really feel what we truly feel; no one knows your authenticity better than your inner child)

Heal your inner child.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

The inner child therapy is great stuff. After all the other healing work this is a breath of fresh air. Never felt better.

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My Homecoming – Healing My Inner Child

You may have more grown up body and more life experience, but you are every bit as precious. Love yourself as if you are the most precious thing in the world. Because you are.

How to Re-Parent Your Broken Inner Child ⋆ LonerWolf

While many of us roll our eyes at the notion of connecting to our inner child, there's immense truth & healing power in learning how to re-parent ourselves.

Click here to find out more about inner-child work and why you might just need it to overcome depression, anxiety, and negative relationship patterns.

What is healing the inner child? A wounded inner child can lead to difficulties in relationships, confidence and inner peace.

Your inner child is in control of your life until you re-parent it and your inner child heals. Only then you will be an adult and take charge of your life.

Who you are now is a student, who you were yesterday is the teacher, who you will be in your future depends on what type of student you are.