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'Just be' tattoo below the right inner ankle bone. Tattoo artist: East. '

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54 Sister Tattoos That Prove She's Your Best Friend in the World

Some best friends you find in life, and some you're born with. There are certain things only your sister can understand, and there's no better (or more lasting) way to show your sisterly love than with matching tattoos that will last a lifetime. We've

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Circle tattoo on my inner ankle. Mom and I always tell each other "I love you circles." Circles never end, neither does the love for my mom. She's my rock. #circletattoo

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Super wrappy magnolias covering up some old stuff on Kel’s inner ankle! Inner ankle one looks extra mad due to the coverup but super pleased with how this came out. It’s always such an honor to tattoo...

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20 Small Tattoos With Big Meanings

Cute & Simple Lotus Tattoo On Inner Ankle. The Symbol Represent The Struggle Of Life At Its Most Basic Form.

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