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"Cute dog collar display idea." Actually, I was thinking this would be a killer display idea for those of us who sell spooky jewelry and accessories! Would look great with spooky bracelets hanging off it! :)

DIY Elizabethan Collar - GREAT Alternative to the cone of shame! Easy to make too! (Would also work for a dog)

My dog licking his lips after eating a tasty treat with the inflatable dog collar on. Pictured here next to a traditional dog e-collar. photo by Lynnette at


KONG Cloud Collar for Dogs & Cats, Large

KONG Cloud Collar for Dogs & Cats, Small Dog cone collar--inflatable

Looking for a better e-collar for dogs? Try an inflatable dog collar. It worked great for us! My dog took to it much faster than a plastic dog cone collar.

from PetHelpful

5 Comfy Alternatives to The Dreaded Cone of Shame - Plus Review of the Inflatable Dog Collar

The Dreaded Cone of Shame is not your only option for keeping your dog from licking his wounds after surgery. This review covers the pros and cons of the E-collar vs. the more comfortable Inflatable Collars that are available on the market...

My dog using the inflatable dog collar as a pillow to rest on. photo by Lynnette at