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moroccan sofa cushions | inferior goods: the first of many + moroccan arrangements

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Oh my gosh... this definitely hits the nail on the head.

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15 All Natural Shampoo Recipes To Make At Home

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If you want the measure of a [person], take a good look at how [they] treat [their] inferiors, not [their] equals. -J.K. Rowling, HPatGoF

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I've gone out of my way to be kind to people only to find out that some of them deserve to be ignored. But I'll be kind anyway...

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heart 5’s Word of the Day - schlockmeister - Slang. a person who deals in or sells inferior or worthless goods

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beauty, goodness, love, singing eyes, sad the devil cries, unbreak us all, Erin Van Vuren

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Trump is a misogynistic man who talks to and about women as though they are inferior and owe him something. He is not a role model. He is not a good person. He is making terrible things seem "ok" to society.

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