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Divers experience nitrogen narcosis or inert gas narcosis when diving to depths greater..., but what is it, how does it work, and what do you do about it?


4.06 “The Other Woman” – Juliet finds Daniel and Charlotte at The Tempest. She believes that they are about to release deadly gas that will kill everyone on the Island, but they are actually trying to render it inert. The clock is counting down, and they have less than 20 seconds!

from World Products Inc.

Victor Ess3-125-580 Edge Inert Gas Regulator

from The Home Depot

355-2 Flowmeter Kit with 10 ft. Inert Gas Hose

Harris Flowmeter Kit with Inert Gas Hose is designed for controlling argon or argon mix cylinder shielding gases. UL listed product for safety.

Tig Welders Are of Multipurpose One of the types of arc welding that is very good for the modern day works is the use of tig welders. This means tungsten inert gas and it is a welding system where consumable tungsten electrode is used for the welding. Read More -- >