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Industrial Watering And Irrigation

As Californians Fight Over Fresh Water, the San Francisco Bay Barely Survives. According to a major recent report, thousands of dams and ditches that supply irrigation and drinking water to industrial farms and dense cities throughout California now deprive the estuary of as much as 70 percent of its freshwater inflow during the crucial winter and spring months each year. Even before the present debilitating dry spell, it had experienced its own man-made drought for decades.


SITRANS F US clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeters from Siemens suitable for truly any drift utility inside the water industry.

The VuAqua range of water meters includes a variety of styles based upon proven principals including; single-jet, multi-jet, Woltmann helix and irrigation which are suitable for domestic and industrial water measurement applications

Hydropower Efficiency Act of 2013 Will Ease Rentricity Projects for Water, Wastewater, Irrigation and Industrial Water Operators


QJ deep well submersible pumpwidely used in farmland irrigation, spray irrigation, drawing water from wells, water supply and drainage system for industrial or civil buildings, as well as water drawing system in hills and mountain areas, drainage of stagnant water in low-lying areas, water supply and drainage system for mines and factories in cities or villages, and other water conservancy facilities.

Santa Barbara: Stop fracking and other environmentally destructive oil extraction techniques. Documents recently obtained by the Center for Biological Diversity reveal that almost 3 billion gallons of oil industry wastewater were illegally dumped into Central California aquifers that supply drinking water and irrigation water for farms.

QJG High Lift Submersible PumpQJG high lift submersible pump is widely used in farmland irrigation, spray irrigation, water supply system for industrial buildings and civil buildings, water distribution system in mountain areas, low-lying areas and dunes, water supply and water drainage system for mines in urban or rural districts, and other water conservancy facilities. Flow range: up to 500m3/h; Head range: up to

Q Extra Big Submersible PumpQ Extra Big Submersible Pump widely used in farmland irrigation, spray irrigation and water-use, industrial and civil buildings, mountain diversion and in low-lying areas dunes, urban and rural mining supply, drainage and other water conservancy facilities.

Water-Ways Irrigation of Bakersfield is the place for all your agricultural and Industrial water solutions.


Total Water Services provide products and services to domestic agricultural and industrial customers Australia wide. Total Water Services deals in all aspects of pumping, irrigation and water filtration from all the major manufacturers.