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Luxurious Living Room Design With Modern-Classic Interior

25 Stunning and Creative Product/Industrial Designs | From up North

25 Stunning and Creative Product/Industrial Designs

The Untitled (Hello World) sign by Valentin Ruhry is an enormous grid of orange rocker switches that illuminate when switched on

Industrial Design Portfolio  Bailey Jones | Western Washington University | Junior Industrial Design | 2014

Industrial Design Portfolio

JENE. (Student Project) on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery

JENE. (Student Project)

Designer: Brenna Veenstra Project Type: Student Project Professor: Nagesh Shinde School: University of Wisconsin Stout Course: Packagi.

Dieter Rams: the idea and language of less but better provides a sense to the simplicity of a century for design

Designer Dieter Rams im Gespräch „Braun hat Apple angeregt - ein Kompliment“:

tech sketch  ---  nice explosion...very simple, very helpful to convey your idea to someone

tech sketch --- nice simple, very helpful to convey your idea to Design design industrial

Cardboard Chair | The Annual Children’s Review    Starting off the Spring semester with a bang, RISD Industrial Design sophomores were once again tasked with creating a child’s chair from cardboard. This project brought together teams of three to brainstorm, prototype and finish a chair in one week’s time.

SHOUT cardboard chair for kids, designed by Gavin Atkinson, Sue Kim and Gabriela Colon.

beautiful seating alternative to the traditional university lecture room

Gallery of When Architects Try Their Hand at Industrial Design - 2

When Architects Try Their Hand at Industrial Design,Burwell Deakins' Connect lecture theatre seating has been so successful it's now being commercially produced by Race Furniture

Sketches - 10 — Minimally Minimal

Sketches - 10

--- love the reflections and shading, especially the straight-lined diagonal marker strokes //Copic rendering!

An industrial cozy living room. by roomporn

A wide space on your living room allows you to have a more relaxing environment. Lots of natural light combined with lighter tones will make your living room look perfect!