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Stained/Jeweled & Beveled Glass Windows. Originally installed in Indiana Governors Mansion.

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A set of 3 Antique American Stained/Jeweled and Beveled Glass Windows. Originally installed in the Indiana Governors Mansion

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A letter to former Indiana Governor Joe Kernan (and a post about how the simple act of waiting for someone to get off the elevator before you get on can change the world).

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William Henry Harrison, ninth president of the United States, built this substantial brick house in 1804, while serving as governor of Indiana Territory. He lived there until he left to take command of American forces in the old Northwest during the War of 1812.

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Trump announces Pence as his running mate -

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Standing L-R: Me-She-Sea (Osage), Wah-Tsa-Moie (Osage), Maj. W.A. Oliphant (U.S. Army Officer), Ed Big Horse (Osage), Thomas Mosier Sitting L-R: Saucy Chief (Osage), Wah-She-Pe-She (Osage), Alvin Peterson Hovey (Indiana Governor), Ne-Kah-Ko-La (Osage), Claremore (Osage) – 1888

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Indiana Governor-elect Reappoints Robertson as Insurance Commissioner -

Benjamin Harrison. Was governor of Indiana in 1876 and elected the 23rd President of United States in 1888-1892. He was born in North Bend, Ohio in 1833 and moved to Indiana at 21. His Grandfather was President William Henry Harrison. He died in 1901 from complications from influenza. His home is North Delaware Street in Indianapolis.

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Jesus versus the GOP

Indiana Gov.concerned about Religious Freedom because he's Christian. Gov. Mike Pence is the lowest form of scum. Using religion to attack his neighbors because they are different than him. Taking the good name of a man of peace and twisting it for his his own diluted self benefit, a run for the White House.

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While running for Congress, Indiana governor Mike Pence called for state funding for "institutions" working to enable people to "change their sexual behavior."

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