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Indian News Today

Our Mother Tongues | Wampanoag - So much of what is portrayed in the media about indigenous cultures focuses on loss and disappearance, but what is really happening in Indian country today is a vibrant cultural revival. Explore more Native American communities and their tribal language programs through this link.


HOOAH RIP Airborne Trooper Sgt. Jake McNiece Getting sad news today, that Okie James (Jake) E McNiece pass away today. He grew up in Maysville and Ponca City. I was able to meet him a few time... He was part of the The Filthy Thirteen was the name given to the Demolition Section of the Headquarters Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. The E.M. Nathanson's inspiration for his book The Dirty Dozen.


American Indian Movement - (AIM), organization of the Native American civil-rights movement, founded in 1968. Its purpose is to encourage self-determination among Native Americans and to establish international recognition of their treaty rights. In 1972, members of AIM briefly took over the headquarters of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, D.C.


Residential schools are a shameful piece of Canadian history. Between 1876 and 1996, Aboriginal children were stolen from there homes and put into these church-run schools where they were abused and brainwashed in order to "beat the Indian out of the child." The effects of these schools still affect Aboriginal people today. They were created in the wake of the Indian Act, which defined the rights of Aboriginal people and is still in place today.


Gunfire, chants mark Wounded Knee anniversary

Members of the American Indian Movement stand near the Wounded Knee Massacre Monument, Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013 in Wounded Knee, S.D. - Hundreds of people walked from nearby villages to the site of the occupation, drumming and chanting. Once at the site, the same place where in 1890 soldiers slaughtered an estimated 300 Native American men, women and children, AIM and their supporters continued to drum and chant and fire off gunshots into the air. Honored Russell Means