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The full #Marvel #CHAMPIONS variant cover #totallyawesome #hulk #msmarvel #spiderman. #hulk #msmarvel #spiderman

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See what the Hulk looked like in the 1970s

images of the 70s tv series | ... 70s; in this scene from the TV show, none of the jaded Manhattanites

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Yoda Hulk – Meme and Photo Collection

Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno were the BEST and ONLY dr. Banner/incredible hulk. Just sayin' to all you suckers who swoon for Disney's Marvel. --Yup Bill Bixby played the quintessential Dr. Jekyll to the Hulk's Mr. Hyde. I thought Ferrigno looked funny in the bad wig, but you can't have the Hulk without the Hulk. Ya' know?

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I was so amazed at the acting in this scene cause seeing as how a bomb went off against Lincoln and he's bleeding out he actually legit looked in pain and sick while saying all of these things wow I'm crying but A++++++++ acting right there

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Amadeus Cho, the Incredible new Hulk

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