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What We Do in the Shadows (2014) - A Horror Mockumentary Film About Dysfunctional Vampire Roommates. Just hilarious!


Details: @maxfactorsweden Excess shimmer 'nr 20 Copper' on my lid as my base (It's a creamy shadow) @sigmabeauty Loose shimmer in 'Midsummer' on my lid over the creamy shadow @thebalmeu 'Meet matt(e) Trimony' palette on my crease @shophudabeauty @hudabeauty 'Raquel' lashes @vivaladivacosmetics 'Metal eyeshadows' palette on my inner corner @bhcosmetics '88 shimmer' palette on my lower lash line (It's a forest green shadow, check previous post to see how it looks) @thebalmeu liquid lipstick…


Everything is so in sync @yalitzamonne__ giving us a perfect Holiday ready eye look with the individual eye shadow  in Toasted Hazelnut and gel liner in Slate for the perfect black wings #MorpheBabe

from Photoshop Training Channel

Use The Shadows/Highlights Adjustment Non-Destructively

One of the most useful tools in Photoshop to bring out hidden detail in the shadows and highlights of an image is the Shadow/Highlight Adjustment (Under Image > Adjustments > Shadows/Highlights). Unfortunately you cannot apply it using an Adjustment Layer. To apply it non-destructively first turn your layer into a Smart Object, then apply the Shadows/Highlights Adjustment.


The Most Useful Button in Lightroom..The "Previous" Button! Edit: Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, Whites (opt click on whites & drag slider to the right), Blacks (to the left), temp to warm photo, vibrance to boost color & finish with vignette. Hit back slash key to view b4 & after. Adjustment brush to paint/brighten face. Can pull back on exposure if too much. Go to next photo & hit the "Previous" button to apply same settings if the lighting conditions are the same.


The cover of Lord of Shadows! Julian and the skyline of modern London, to be released May 23, 2017/// idk how i feel about this cover


Shadows and white shapes. Without seeing the shadow maker - we can still guess what shape-shifter is interdicting the light. The only reason that we don't loose the shape of things which are covered in shadow is because the shape-shifter has allowed just enough light to break through. These eggs look very reptilian in this presentation - don't they? Was that apparent at first look by you? Or did I point it out? Funny how the power of observation works in the trained mind. Omelet anyone?