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This was literally me. I sat staring in shock for so long.

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Boys and men suffer, and they need support. Give it to them.

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Community Post: The Best Quotes From BBC's "Sherlock"

“I’m in shock. Look-I’ve got a blanket.”-Sherlock | Community Post: The Best Quotes From BBC's "Sherlock"

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He wouldn't have to worry about me. I'd be crying too hard.

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Does this remind anyone else of brendon Urie?

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They were in Norway and he was so shocked to find out that the washing machine was in Norwegian and everyone's just like "Go ask Rapmon" and he's like "It's not in English" then he went all like "Where are we?" Then he figures it out and he gets all happy and proud meanwhile I'm screaming into my pillow at 7 in the morning like "ITS PROBABLY IN NORWEGIAN KIDDO" what to do with this child

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Sherlock season 4...Okay but the first one- remember to keep in mind the shock which would slow his reaction time aaand Mary had to die to revert the storyline back to the relationship between John and Sherlock, might as well make it count

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Mary had a little... While Sherlock went into shock

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