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10 Ways to Get Students Writing in Math

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We've "Mathified" The Squares Game!

This FUN and EASY TO PREP multiplication facts game is perfect to use in math stations!

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10 Ways to Get Students Writing in Math

This post shares 10 ways to get your students writing in math class…and enjoying it! There are several free printables on this post.

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I taught high school math for 14 years. My last years I went paperless. There are many digital tools that support teaching math and Google Docs is one of them. If your school has Google Apps for Ed...

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The best ideas come from randomly staring off into space at midnight. Finally brought this random idea to life. The kiddos loved our math review game today! Each group had a cup filled with ten review questions based on what we've learned in math this year. The students worked together to solve the questions one at a time. If they got the right answer, they got to go place one of their sticky notes on the board. (Each team had their own color.) I only gave them four sticky notes total. If...

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Dealing Up Some Fun in Math I love math card games - so easy to prepare but great math practice!

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Still Building Better Answers in Math

Building Better Answers in Math- for Kagan groups- responding to Math...writing link

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Amaze Your Students With This Math Magic Trick!

Want to show off a little 'magic' in math class tomorrow? Want to watch your students' jaws drop when they see you guess their secret number correctly again and again? Learn how to do this magic math trick and get these FREE printable Magic Math cards to use at

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Collaborative Problem-Solving in Math

Collaborative Problem-Solving in Math - contains one problem for every grade 6 common core standard - get your students collaborating and working cooperatively to build the best constructed response possible. $

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