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Renovation: a spacious Sydney home gets an exotic Mediterranean makeover — Vogue Living


Capitalism is not one monolithic system/idea. Historically it has manifested in various forms. It is NOT in and of itself evil. In fact, Marx himself admired and was en-wondered by the success of capitalism but what we have now is a repugnant perversion of capitalism.


Renovation: a spacious Sydney home gets an exotic Mediterranean makeover — Vogue Living


Living with Depression and Anxiety Since being diagnosed with depression and anxiety as a child, I have endured many years of heartache. I can remember so many occasions where I have cried myself to sleep and assumed that I was the only person that felt this way. That I was completely alone in this world. Sometimes I have even felt undeserving of life itself. There are still many days where I believe I am unwanted or unloved, and it has taken me a long time to see that my depression and…



Phase 3 Roasted Vegetable Plate with Red Pepper Spread is a full, filling, protein-packed meal in itself. Warm, sweet butternut squash and sweet potatoes are a hit even with picky kids, too.


Antique Balance Scale, Merchant's Scale, Large Galvanized Scoop Pan, Cast Iron Weights, Chippy Green Paint, General Store, Feed Store

Amazing antique balance scale. Ah-mazing! Im in love with this antique merchants scale. It has a wonderful, old, chippy green finish, and the most amazing galvanized scoop pan that Ive ever seen. I think this must have come out of a General or Feed store due to the size of the pan and it being a scoop design. It is a balance type scale and also has three of the original cast iron weights, 4 lb, 2 lb, and 1 lb size. The scale itself measures 8 tall x 12.5 wide. Measurements with the pan…


Yeah it's because this is the year of all those ironic depression and suicide memes becoming a reality I guess?? Everyone hates 2016 tbh


Champagne Bollinger is a Royal Warrant holder ~ Founded in 1829, Champagne Bollinger is one of the few remaining family-owned champagne houses. With its distinctive range of Pinot Noir-driven champagnes, the house has enjoyed a close association with Britain since 1858 and prides itself on having held a Royal Warrant continuously since first awarded by Queen Victoria in 1884


Even my math wizards look at me funny when I say that it's true that any number is equal to itself. "Yes, 5 = 5! I'm telling you the truth." Here are some resources that I use in my classroom to help teach the concept of the equal sign.


Beautiful Shiplap Walls from Cheap Plywood

This shiplap wall was really inexpensive and easy to do with cheap plywood from the hardware store. She gives a great tutorial to help you achieve the same look! Lots of tips!