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In flagrante delicto (Latin: "in blazing offence") or sometimes simply in flagrante (Latin: "in blazing") is a legal term used to indicate that a criminal has been caught in the act of committing an offence (compare corpus delicti). The colloquial "caught in the act", "caught red-handed", or "caught rapid" are English equivalents.[1][2] Aside from the legal meaning, the Latin term is often used colloquially as a euphemism for someone's being caught in the midst of sexual activity.[3][4]


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In Flagrante Delicto - Performance art Idea & Creators - Alon Moran & Maya Meidar Moran Dancers & Actors –Gili Beit Hallahmi & Omri Albo Makeup Artist –Na’ama Chason Periscope Gallery ,176 Ben Yehuda Street ,Tel Aviv 18.10.14


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