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Imprinting Psychology

I have read that certain hertz of sound can cause auditory & visual hallucinations, makes me wonder if there is a link between this & 'damaged' brain cells in people w/ schizophrenia, since I've also read that blindness is in the mind/ neural pathways not the eyes...maybe a functioning MRI on a schizophrenic during an episode would reveal something

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psychology of colour infographic                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Our 10 favourite digital marketing stats from the past week

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Probably the most important book on trauma that changed the way we approach its treatment.

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One of the most important marketing decisions you can make-- the thing that communicates values to your customers before you say a single word-- are the colors you choose for your log and your site. Here's some information about what colors mean.

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Narcissists think you don't have a right to be upset or hurt over their abusive, rude or cruel behaviors....

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TIL of "imprints" hand-reared falconry birds sexually attracted to their keepers. To breed an imprint the keeper "lets the male bird copulate with his head" while wearing a special hat for semen collection