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Theologians Argue: Forces Driving Globalization Ideology Are Demonic, Anti-Christ-Like

EPA Quietly Passes New ‘Climate Change’ Regulations for Household Appliances

Installing a President by Force: Hillary Clinton and Our Moribund Democracy - American Herald Tribune

New York Times Gives Hillary Veto Power | The Federalist Papers

from The Intercept

Syria Becomes the 7th Predominantly Muslim Country Bombed by 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate

That would be President Obama

Nestle can and must compensate victims of the Tampaco Foil factory fire and their families and ensure a safe supply chain for all workers! Take action now to hold Nestle accountable.

from Reuters

Saudi replaces Iraq envoy who riled Shi'ite militias


American Songbirds Are Being Wiped Out by Banned Pesticides | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community