It's Time to Kill Surface: "The question that needs to be asked and answered is why hardware." To Satya Nadella's credit, he provided not just the answer, but the question as well. And, looked at narrowly, there were good things seen – and not seen – at Microsoft's Surface event. Having clearly failed as a mass market device, it makes sense to focus Surface and more clearly define its use case. And, if that use case is productivity, then it also makes sense to kill Surface mini. That…

Gay M. Cordova of Caption It Write is an advocate for the deaf and hard of hearing. Our blog and newsletter bring you important news, updates, and interesting articles relevant to the deaf and hard of hearing community.

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#HAAwards - Unsung Hero Nominee - Kryss not only reblogs all of the important news on LGBT rights and efforts, she is on the front lines, marching on Washington, in Pride parades throughout the country, even driving a car with the license plate "EQALTY." In addition, she takes the time to personally email every person who reaches out to her to give them love and appreciation for their time, offering herself however possible.

The important news.

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Как Дмитрий Фирташ зарабатывает на газе для... Конфликт председателя сельсовета Елизаветовки Петриковского района и двух компаний-поставщиков газа — «Днепропетровскгаз» и «Днепропетровскгаз сбыт» заинтересовал многих наших читателей. Мы решили показать структуру собственности этих двух компаний и изучить скандалы, в которых они замешаны.По информации аналитической платформы YouControl, 50,85% акций…

The beginning of the end,as we know it! The media has kind of "left'" this important news alone (nothing in print, or on the tube) ...doomsday is coming & it`s not a priority for your eyes to see!

Ну, ви кажете півпроцента – подивіться на зростання ВВП України, – Олег Прохоренко пояснив провал у видобутку газу у... Попереднє керівництво винне у тому, що за півтора роки роботи нового менеджменту Укргазвидобування не змогло відчутно збільшити видобуток природного газу. Про це на прес-конференції заявив голова правління…

"Why Apple is Buying Beats" Benedict Evans wrote in his weekly newsletter: "The deal [is] something of a Rorschach Blot – people who think Apple has lost its way see this as proof, while people who don’t assume there must be some other piece to the puzzle (TV? wearables?) that we can’t see to make this deal makes sense."

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