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Americans Must Stop Amnesty In Any Form/I wholly agree. part of my family came here recently. he had to have a sponsor. he learned English, had a job, and became a citizen in VERY short order. the illegals who are invading us want to do none of those things. they think most of the usa belongs to them already, have no interest in learning English and want handouts from the rest of us because they think it is owed. the muslims are mostly no different. even most jews do not want to…


Immigration Reform News: Bodies on the Border - Op-Docs | This is not alright. This is not okay. This is totally unacceptable. Please share.


#Amnesty Moved Forward While #Illegals Chant and #Oklahoma Recoils from Disaster - @Alicia Smith-Hoagland

Here's some information regarding the retirement of Lt Col Alan West (and former representative from Florida in Congress, 2011-2013. US Army officer is fined, not court martialed over Iraqi interrogation


interesting take on Obama involving Islam vs. Christianity

No, Mexico Doesn’t Have A Wall On Its Southern Border—But If Trump Wins It Might Build One | VDARE - premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform

That’s because senators tentatively agreed Wednesday to add lawmakers to a bill that requires drug tests of any welfare or unemployment recipient who state officials reasonably suspect is using illegal substances

Big Media Lobby for Illegal Immigration Bill Any person or organization supporting this amnesty bill is a traitor to our nation.

Latest Immigration Reform News -

The Latino Brown Berets... Passage of OBAMA"S Immigration Bill would be the end of our 2 Party System and Guarantee the DEMS the Latino Vote forever,,,, Is this what you want. ?